Digital landscaping SEO services for green businesses that want to generate new leads and grow their customer base. Social media adds, SEO rankings, remarketing, branding and much more.

We’re proud to be a Certified Google Partner that is considered one of the best advertising companies in the landscaping industry. The reason for this is that we have a proven track record of getting results. We advertise on search engines like Google and social media sites like Facebook, just to name a few. We can do organic on-site SEO, we can handle paid advertisements and much more.

Generating leads is the main goal whenever you do direct advertising. We carefully consider your company and all the services that you have to provide to your customers. We also consider your goals, such as one part of your company that you want to grow. Then we determine what tactic is best to get this type of traction. We could use Facebook promotional ads, for instance, or Google search ads. Our Landscape SEO team understands this strategy better than anyone, and we give you access to that expertise.

How we create incredible conversion rates

Many advertisers believe that a 5% conversion rate from their ads is good enough, and they’d be thrilled with 10%. We have bigger goals than that. We always shoot for around 25%, and we’ve had some customers get 30% or more. We consistently can get you conversion rates of around 20%, which is still four times better than the industry standard.

You’re probably wondering what sets us apart, and there are a lot of different tactics that we use to create these great conversion rates with our ads. For your landscaping marketing, we could use a combination of the following:

Avoiding negative keywords: Google ads fail when you use the wrong keywords, so we always make sure that your ads are relevant.

Keeping keywords specific: We are focused when using keywords and variations of those keywords that are quite close to the original, drawing in specific traffic.

Human optimization: Auto optimization options can work in some cases, but they don’t get the best results, so we always use manual optimization and let our experts set everything up.

Engaging and creative ads: The best ads are ones that people feel compelled to click, and that means standing out from the crowd. We can do this by using data, being creative and leaning on our vast experience.

Focusing on local maps: Local customers are the lifeblood of your business, and we know how to get your ads under the map results, where they are exposed directly to people in your area who need your services.

Extensions and visibility: We know how to use site links, direct call and other extensions to increase your visibility at every turn.

Specific landing pages: Each ad that we create leads directly to a unique landing page that was built for that ad. This increases conversion rates and makes them far more effective than they would be otherwise.

Configuring the details: We pay attention to all of the key details, such as when conversion rates are highest or exactly what geographical area is seeing your ads.

Your advertisement options and high-caliber platforms

Different types of advertisements work for different companies, and we will carefully analyze the data to figure out what is the best for you. With that in mind, consider these common types of ads that we create on a daily basis:

  • Google local ads: Local map searches often come up with just one advertisement on Google. Click-through rates are high and it’s difficult to get this placement, but we know how to do it.
  • Google search ads: At the top of every search page, there is a list of ads. These are pay-per-click ads, and getting you this type of placement means people see your company before they even consider the search results.
  • Remarketing ads: Once you go to a website, that data helps advertisers place banner ads on your pages in the future. This is called remarketing, and we can do it so that customers who have considered you in the past will get a nice reminder to do so again.
  • Bing and Yahoo: It’s true that Google is the major player in the search engine game, but Bing and Yahoo also have millions of users. The ads can focus on the same keywords, but they can be designed specifically for these customers.
  • Google Affinity ads: Affinity ads are similar to the remarketing ads noted above, but they’re not focused on your site. Instead, if someone visits the competition, then they get ads for you so that you can compete for that business.
  • Facebook ads: Facebook is by far the biggest social media company, and we can do remarketing so that people see your ads consistently or we can target ads toward people with certain interests or who are in specific demographics. We can look for interests they have listed on Facebook, groups they have joined and searches they’ve run – just to name a few.

As we do all of this, you should know that we are a Certified Google Partner. This is high-level certification that indicates that we have numerous large accounts generating significant revenue, and we’ve also brought on new clients and shown a track record of strong performance. Google knows that what we’re doing is working, and it’s time for you to see how well it can work for you.

Working with Us to Generate New Leads

For all of your Landscaping SEO and other marketing tactics, our professional team would love to sit down for a consultation and determine what will work best in your case. Please feel free to get in touch with us today to get started.

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