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We help you find the landscaping leads that you need by combining various aspects of landscaping marketing: Search engine advertising, social media advertising and organic SEO.

We start by creating a premium website. With that in place, we drive traffic to your site to increase your leads and conversions.

If your landscaping company doesn’t have an amazing website now, you’re missing out on a lot of potential traffic. We start by creating a terrific site that showcases your skills and abilities. Landscaping jobs are often much more lucrative than standard lawn care, so those conversions are worth even more. We structure your website in a way that is engaging and that drives conversions, and then we set up strategic advertising plans to increase your site traffic. We will get you the leads that you need to show what your company can really do.

A simple, aesthetic website is not enough for landscape conversions. The site has to sell your services and convince your readers, and we do that by adding case studies and other high-value pages that get the job done.

Don’t think of your site as just a way for potential customers to contact you, or even as a landscaping SEO project to increase your keywords. These things are important, but your site needs to prove to a potential customer that your company is the best in the industry. The most effective way that we have found of doing this is by using case studies. They can show the results that you got on previous jobs, and they can sell that dream to your readers. People want to see exactly what you can do for them, and they want to see the types of outdoor spaces they can have if they hire you. They have a vision, and when they see how you can even exceed that vision, that’s how you get a conversion.

What types of case studies should you use? We can assist you with this as we do site design and implement landscape SEO strategies. The more content you can use, the better. This means adding videos from the job site, before and after photos, written descriptions of the plans, and much more. Give the reader everything they need to know what it would take to make their home look like the one in the study. This gets those readers excited about the possibilities, and then they contact you for a consultation to see what you can do on their property and what it’s going to cost. We can help you create case studies that work and get the right content on your site so that the traffic we drive to that site is even more beneficial than it would be otherwise.

Landscaping SEO and paid advertisements can work together to show quality customers what you can do. Remarketing helps to capture their interest and get a conversion.

We use many different tactics to get your company in front of quality leads, from Google ads to Facebook ads to on-site SEO. All of these can work in different ways, and they can be used to specifically put you in front of quality customers. Below are just a few tactics we use:

Facebook Ads: Social media ads are effective because of the sheer amount of time that people spend on these apps and sites. It’s also easy to target people based on their interests or previous searches they have run on the site, so we can get your ads in front of those who are already looking for your services. All you have to do is convince them that you’re the company for the job.

Google Ads: When people run Google searches for services that you offer, we can use Google ads to get you at the top of the page. Organic SEO can also drive your page rank up, but an ad means you are the very first link that anyone sees. Not only does this get you more traffic, but it also targets those who are specifically looking for your elite services, increasing the odds of a conversion.

Google remarketing: In some cases, a person goes to your site or visits a landing page and then leaves without making a purchase. Remarketing is the process of showing them more ads for the same goods and services. It may be that it just slipped their mind, but a simple banner ad targeted at the right person can be very effective.

Our goal is to consistently keep your business in the customer’s mind and on their screen. We do this with search ads, remarketing, Facebook ads and many other tactics. We’ll work with you to determine exactly what is best for your company.

Landscape SEO and Review Building

Google is the most popular search engine in the world, and it considers reviews strongly when setting up organic rankings. This means that having positive reviews is going to help you rank higher when someone runs a search for your services. This is just one part of landscaping SEO.

Review building is the process of contacting your customers and influencing them to create these positive reviews that are so helpful to you. We make this as easy as possible for the customers, which increases the odds that they will write a review. Many people with a positive experience are thrilled with the company and would gladly recommend it to someone else, but they simply don’t take the time to do it online or they don’t know how. We simplify the process so that they know what to do and we harvest those reviews for you. This can help convince others to use your company if they’re on the fence, and it can increase your organic SEO so that your site has higher visibility. Both things work together, along with your ads and case studies, to boost your conversion rates.

We are one of the most experienced landscaping marketing companies in the business, and we encourage you to contact us today to find out more about the services we offer and how they can help your company reach new heights this year.

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