Online Marketing for Your Hardscaping Services Including Patios, Outdoor Kitchens, Fencing and More

Need more customers? We bring them to your hardscaping business!

We create beautiful websites for your hardscaping business. Our proven SEO strategies and online advertising helps your business grow and thrive.

Your business creates gorgeous outdoor patio spaces, and we achieve more visibility for you on Google.

We have a tremendous amount of experience in using website design and proven SEO strategies to get more people on your website. That translates to more customers! We have many clients, all over the country, that specialize in brick/stone walls, patios, gazebos, fire pits, aquatic features and more.

Our clients in the hardscaping business come to us due to our reputation in the area of landscape SEO. We know you’ve invested a lot in your landscaping expertise as a business. Let us help you share that expertise and skill with new customers.

Winning new customers is more important than ever in the hardscaping business. We help you target the best areas to find them.

Homeowners are looking (right now) for your hardscaping and landscaping business.

Google is a powerful tool for your business and winning new customers. With help from our SEO and web design team, you have an effective way of attracting people to your website. That’s the way to get to our goal for your hardscaping company: To get potential customers to look at all your services.

When someone searches the web for “who makes the best fire pit?” or “how expensive is it to build a nice brick patio?”, you want your company to come up first, or close to it. How easy is it to achieve this objective without expert landscaping SEO help from a company that specializes in this area? Not easy.

That’s why our clients come to us for help to grow their business and have a highly professional appearance online. That includes well-designed and well-placed advertisements that get results. Homeowners are looking for your business everyday. Let’s help them find it.

Let’s talk about landscape SEO…

We get your landscaping and hardscaping service pages seen with effective search engine optimization (SEO). Organic SEO is the use of proper keyword and content strategy to propel your website higher in the Google search engine rankings. Once you get higher in the rankings, you want to have a professional, attractive website to increase the chances of a sale or engagement with your company. We help you with both.

You have a number of important pages (and service pages) on your website and we’ll help you with the following as it pertains to them:

  1. Location of Your Services
  2. Accurate Descriptions of Your Services
  3. Beautiful Photos and Videos of Your Work

Many of our clients particularly appreciate help with these last two items. Perhaps they don’t know which photos and videos will be most effective. Or, they could need help in creating visual content because customers love to see what you can actually do with an outdoor space. Furthermore, the descriptions of your services are very important and some methods of writing them will produce better results for your company.

You may want to have a blog for your viewers! This will update them with fresh content intermittently and be useful for their research. This content will also help your search engine rankings when people search for patios, fire pits, walkways and other items.

Get new customers with online advertisements.

Two ways to get new customers, online, come to mind right away:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook Advertisements

It’s true that these two items are highly effective tools when used properly. Did you know that we can help you target potential customers more likely to purchase your services based on their internet history? That’s right! We have tremendous experience helping you target the right customer.

When it comes to your valuable landscaping services, there are specific demographics that are more likely to make a purchase. We’re sure you’re already award of this! Thus, we can make a future sale more likely by using certain keywords, pictures and placing the online advertisement in front of people that match those key demographics. We’ve been helping companies that create outdoor spaces do this for years and we can help you as well.

What happens when we get a potential customer to view your website? How do we convert this to a sale? We’ll show you how.

Hardscaping and landscaping project examples that shine.

The all-important question that clients ask us about their business:

How do we use landscaping marketing to convert to a sale?

This is where are top-rated expertise will help your business grow. We take photos and videos from a landscaping or hardscaping project that you’ve done and we showcase to your viewers. Homeowners shopping for these services love to see “before” and “after” photos/videos of your work.

We’re happy to help you with this process and the written descriptions that will accompany these visual project examples. Please remember that potential customers looking to build patios, fire pits, stone or brick walkways, and other outdoor features don’t always make an impulse purchase. Often, they take time to think about it and compare prices and features.

That’s why we design your project example page to showcase your results and really shine. We can create a gallery of photos and videos for you that accentuate all the possibilities. This is necessary to engage the desire and imagination of potential customers who may have been dreaming about their ideal outdoor space for a long period of time.

We’re happy to describe this process in more detail and how effective it is for your business.

Capture customers who’ve already expressed interest.

We have a different strategy for potential customers who’ve already visited your website and spent time there. We can target them on different social media apps and websites more specifically and increase the chances of a consultation with your business where you make the final sale!

The aforementioned project examples with photos and videos are a great way to do this. We can target people who’ve visited your website even more strongly with your before/after project examples. Many customers need repeated exposure to your project examples to finally call or contact you. That’s precisely what we help you with.

How do we create positive feedback for your company?

Many of our clients with landscaping businesses know that numerous, positive reviews of their services can be powerful for attracting new customers. However, they may not know just how powerful this can be or how to get more reviews.

Just think about viewing a product on Amazon that you might want to purchase. How does the number of positive reviews affect your decision? We can help your business in this area with our tremendous expertise in acquiring glowing reviews that help sell your services. Building a number of reviews is a process that has simple, consecutive steps. We’ll show you how those steps work!

How many customers can we get for your hardscaping business? Let us discuss or longstanding track record of results with you or your team.

Our proven landscaping marketing with organic SEO, quality content and online advertisements will garner results for you. When you increase your ranking on Google, you’ll get more customers. Many clients think this is too complicated, but there’s a step-by-step simplicity to gain more customers that has worked time and time again for our clients.

It’s time for your free consultation with our top-rated agency. We use cutting-edge SEO to make your website prominent on Google and throughout the web.

We’re ready to take your hardscaping business to the next level. Experience and reputation count. Let us show you the simple process that has garnered dramatic results in revenue for our clients. We’re happy to give you a free consultation to explain the process in simple terms – technical jargon is not necessary to understand what we do for your website and company.

Call us at 214-514-2473 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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