Sprinkler & Irrigation

Sprinkler and irrigation companies can thrive with the right digital marketing services and web design tactics.

We can help your company find the results we’ve been searching for with our landscaping SEO tactics to increase organic search results and with paid advertisements to generate effective leads.

Our team has years of experience handling irrigation/sprinkler companies and doing their online marketing, and we also do a lot of landscaping marketing for companies in similar spaces. In short, we are experts in this field and we know how to leverage organic results, paid advertisements, reviews, and your presence on Google and social media to get the results that you need. We take a wide approach that combines search engine optimization and paid ad options so that you get instant results and quality leads. For irrigation companies in particular, we have the most success with Google and other search engine ads.

Landscape SEO and more: We can get your company to the top of the search results.

We want your irrigation company to rank organically near the top of every search results page. This is just free exposure, and it means that people who are actively looking for your services are going to see you. We do this in a few ways, starting with building a website that targets your potential customers. We create individual service pages, landing pages and much more. We put quality content with the right SEO on all of those pages so that it will rank highly. Having more specific pages for each of the services is crucial, as two potential customers are going to run different search queries. Then we combine location signals and geographical data, ensuring that you’re targeting people in the local area. We can do this in a lot of different ways, from the content itself to the headlines to the metadata and even through geotagging imagery.

The addition of paid ads and higher conversions.

Another tactic that we use is paid ads, especially on Google using the Google AdWords program. This model allows you to create pay-per-click ads that show up at the top of the search results, no matter where you rank organically. This helps you in two ways. First of all, you can get those ads in front of qualified visitors, increasing the odds that they will click on them. Secondly, when somebody does click, it takes them to a landing page that we created specifically for that interaction. This helps your site rank higher organically, based on the traffic, and our landing pages are excellent at getting conversions.

This is a complicated system, and most people who have not had a good experience have simply tried to do it on their own. They can spend a lot without results. We know what to do, so we get you the results you want for your money. A few examples of how we work within this space include:

  • Performing manual optimization: Google will automatically optimize a lot of ads, but this can actually hinder your performance. Our experts do it manually so that you know they’re going to work.
  • Using negative keywords: We want to exclude certain types of keywords so that you don’t get traffic from someone who doesn’t need your services. This is often why your click rates do not translate into conversion rates, and we do away with that useless traffic.
  • Creating focused ads: We create landing pages and ads that work together with individual services. You may offer irrigation repair services, or you may offer sprinkler installations, for instance. We will make separate ads and pages for all of your services so that they’re more effective.

But that is not all that we do. We also do geographic targeting, we use extensions, we do conversion tracking to see what’s working, and we’re constantly looking at the data. We refine our approach until you get the results you want. We had made a name for ourselves in Landscaping marketing, and we hope you’ll call us today to find out how we can help you.

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