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Tree companies can get more leads using online marketing and elite SEO tactics. We help you find your customers and get conversions.

The internet is a great way for tree removal companies to generate leads, and it all starts with incredible web design. We can handle that, building out your new site, and then we can lean into the landscaping marketing side of things, adding organic tree and landscape SEO terms, using Facebook ads, creating Google ads and doing various other tasks that increase your visibility. We use paid marketing and organic rankings together, and we create landing pages that are proven to convert those who click on your links. We do all of this with the right site content, case studies, imagery and even videos. In some cases, we highlight customer reviews. We take a comprehensive approach to get your arborist business the visibility that it deserves.

Search engine optimization and online marketing increase visibility.

One of the biggest issues for tree companies is simply connecting with customers. These are services that people definitely need, and they are services that your company has provided for years. It’s the perfect match. You just need more visibility.

We help you get this visibility in many ways, starting with increasing your organic ranking in Google searches. Google is the best place for tree service leads, and we’ll also use paid Google ads to get you at the top of the search results. We combine these paid advertisements and free rankings with geographical markers, such as your city and your state, along with the specific keywords for services you offer, such as tree trimming or tree removal. By focusing on the geographical area, we get your site in front of people who are actually viable customers, and then we use our landing pages to get conversions so that they contact you.

It’s not all about Google. We also use Facebook ads and Facebook marketing. There may be fewer leads, but Facebook is incredible for local targeting and it has tracking capabilities so that you can clarify your audience. This makes it so that the people who see your Facebook ads are predisposed to pay for your services, and they may already be actively looking for them. You may get less raw visibility than you would on Google, but the results can still be highly beneficial.

Your website turns leads into conversions.

We know how to get leads when we build your site and do your digital marketing, and we also know how to turn those leads into conversions. Your site needs to be professional, it needs to highlight your experience and it needs to show the insurance that you have. Many people know the risks involved with arborist services and taking down hazardous trees, and they want to make sure that they have true professionals on the job. We highlight your qualifications and your track record of success so that they know they can trust you. We will also:

  • Use customer reviews to highlight how well you’ve done in the past.
  • Upload videos of your crews at work, along with before and after photos and other types of imagery.
  • Set up service pages for all of the services that you offer, showing that you are professional and reliable.

While a lot of our landscaping SEO work is geared around getting traffic, we understand that tree removal, in particular, has a bit of a different focus. Your clients don’t need to be sold on the idea that removing the tree is necessary. They already know that. We use landscaping marketing to find those people, but then we use your site to convince them that you’re going to do an excellent job if they hire you. It’s more about pitching your company than the services that you offer. As such, we work hard to put you in the best possible light.

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