Professional Website Design and Online Marketing for Your Outdoor Lighting Business

Use our proven SEO techniques and advertisements to get seen by new customers.

Use our proven SEO, online marketing, quality content creation and professional advertisement solutions to grow your outdoor lighting business.

As a top-rated agency in SEO for outdoor landscaping and lighting businesses, we have a great track record.

Your outdoor lighting business can benefit greatly with our longstanding experience in landscaping marketing. We use organic SEO and online advertising to position you favorably in your industry. We specialize in converting your higher Google search engine ranking to new sales. You’ll see increased revenue after strategic placement of your company on social media and other areas of the web. Your new customers are out there. They just need to be aware of what your outdoor lighting company has to offer them!

When we move your patio and outdoor lighting company up in Google’s search engine ranking, you’ll see results.

Get your website on the front page of Google or closer to it!

The service pages on your website deserve the most effective landscaping SEO available. You’ll reach new customers who are homeowners! They’re searching the web every day for outdoor lighting services and they just need to see your website and ask for a valuable consultation.

We have many clients who offer premier landscape lighting services. Outdoor lighting offers so many great benefits to homeowners and we’ll help you showcase that very fact.

Here are some examples of our clients’ services:

  • Solar outdoor lighting
  • Pathway lighting
  • Elegant security lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • Pool lighting
  • Outdoor lighting design
  • Patio lighting
  • Deck lighting
  • Lanterns

Your business may offer many of these services and need a well-written service page, on your website, for each of them. We’ll show you how to accompany this with excellent photos and video. These actions will help you get more customers and grow your business. Organic SEO is one of the many ways to achieve this goal and we’re happy to show you how.

Our agency will explain how to create highly effective content for the service pages that delineate your outdoor lighting services.

How do we take advantage of Facebook ads and Google searches to promote your outdoor lighting business?

These two important platforms come up a lot for good reason. We’ll promote your professional website (which we can create for you) on Facebook and Google.

Homeowners search for outdoor lighting companies on Google each and every day. We specialize in knowing what combination of keywords work best to get you seen by more people. Next, we get them to a page that showcases the particular service they’re looking for in a way that leads to engagement with your company.

With Facebook analytic tools, we can see what users are clicking on. That creates a pool of potential customers in the proper age demographic for your outdoor lighting company. We could target a certain age range, gender, income level and homeowner status. These parameters increase the likelihood that someone will click on your online advertisement and give you a call for a consultation.

As a business owner, we give you tremendous power over growing your customer base. In fact, we can target people on social media who have clicked on links related to patio lighting, or walkway lighting and other outdoor features. Let’s use that valuable information to increase your revenue going forward!

What outdoor landscaping services does your company offer? Outdoor lighting, brick walkways, gardens, lawn care? We specialize in helping companies who offer all landscaping and hardscaping services.

Powerful landscape SEO counts for a lot when it comes to your future revenues. We’ll clearly explain our strategies with no technical jargon necessary. We listen to your goals and we’ll explain how to get there.

Call us at 214-514-2473 and receive a free, informative consultation for your outdoor lighting company. We explain our landscaping SEO techniques and website services to you.

It’s time to take the next logical step in growing your outdoor lighting and design business. Many homeowners will want to purchase your services to increase their property value and its safety. They also want a more beautiful outdoor space to enjoy. We’ll show you how to reach them! Call us at 214-514-2473.

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