Social Media and Landscaping Marketing: An Effective Tool For Lead Generation

No social media platform has the same level of traffic as Facebook. With billions of users, it is the ideal place to generate leads for landscaping companies and others in green industries. Most of the people you’re trying to reach out to are already using social media, so you know your audience is there. Additionally, Facebook ads tend to be a cost-effective method. You need to have engaging content that is targeted at those specific individuals, but the right content can work wonders on Facebook.

Using promotional ads on social media

Your social media presence is important, and the content that you put out is going to make your company appear far more engaging and active to your customer base. But you can also use promotional ads on social media sites like Facebook to expand that base and find new leads. The right ads can find their way in front of thousands of people who may need your services. We consider everything about this process, from the type of ads that get the most clicks to the time of year when they’re most effective. Turn Facebook into a tool that you can use to the benefit of your company, and the ROI can be tremendous.

The value of engaging content on social media

One thing about advertising on social media that’s different than other platforms is that people tend to be less interested in reading about specific services or even awards that your company has won. Instead of pitching them your company as they look for services, as you may do with a Google ad, you want to create content that is engaging and that makes them want to read it, comment on it or even share it.

One great example of this is to take projects that you’ve completed in the past and turn them into case studies. Show before and after photos, talk about how the space was improved, go over the different services that you offer and how you can achieve this sort of result anywhere. You want to try to sell this dream of a perfect outdoor living space. Make people on Facebook see just what potential they have in their own outdoor spaces, and then tell them that you can help them reach that potential. This type of content does very well, going beyond traditional promotional advertisements. Our expert team can help with your landscaping marketing and content creation, not to mention getting that content in front of the right people. This can be done in addition to traditional Landscaping SEO efforts for incredible long-term results.

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